February 11, 2011

It's official... I have BIEBER FEVER!!!!!

Ama and I had a girl's night, she loves Justin Bieber and his movie came out today, Never Say Never, it's actually a documentary type movie, I should have explained that to Ama because she was pretty confused at first. But she LOVED it, she sang all the songs, and she would just giggle at his every move like a star struck kid with a crush. But I went into the movie already liking Justin, but watching him and how his personality is, and how everyone surrounding him is, I REALLY REALLY like Justin Bieber now. Not in the crazy I love you way that most of the teenage girls do. But he is just a good kid, he has a good heart, and he has amazing family that surrounds him. His story is incredible, and I don't care who you are, the boy can sing and DANCE!!! I loved watching him dance. People (mostly the boys) that make fun of Justin, I think are just jealous, he's got it all, the moves, the voice, the looks, the personality, he's hilarious, and his personality is infectious. The theatre was packed... mostly of girls, but there were some boys too... most all of the younger girls there were there with their mommies, but what really got me, were the little girls that were there with their daddy's. How sweet of that dad to take their little princess on a date to the movies to see a movie that you know he has absolutely NO interest in. In my mushy, emotional age, I was tearing up sitting in the theatre watching the dads come in with their little girls, trying to act just as excited as they were. Now that I saw the movie... me and Ama DEFINITELY have to go to a concert. And yes... I will be purchasing his CD on ITunes : )

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  1. I love JB! I'm not ashamed to say that I want to see the movie!