August 24, 2011

Hair bow fun : )

Today Abi and I made hair bows... Wasn't so sure how they were going to turn out, and the first two I made looked a little pitiful, but I got the hang of it!! Now I just need more ribbon : ) And for some pictures...

 This is everything I used to make my hair bows, except the hot glue gun is not in this picture.

 This is all the ribbon I used : )

 These were the first 2 bows I made... they are pretty pitiful, but we will still use them!

 I figured out that I wasn't cutting my ribbon short enough and this one turned out much better!

These were the last two I made, they turned out the best!

And little miss Abi couldn't wait to wear the hair bows we made : )


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  1. awe I remember making those kind with my grandma when I was little. Very cute!