July 5, 2011

Sand, Water, Fireworks, & Another Tattoo

Wow... this weekend was packed full of fun!

Saturday morning I went to Chehaw to play Disc Golf with Papa and Mr. Dave, while my Dad was teaching me how to play and telling me which discs to throw and how to throw them, it was alot of fun! I had some horrible throws and I had some really good ones! That night I dreamed of nothing but playing disc golf, and I was so sore the next day!! They say I have the Disc Golf itch : )

Sunday morning we woke up and Amber brought up the idea to go to the beach for the day, so we packed up in the car and headed for the beach! It was alot of fun, although we could have done without the seaweed and jelly fish. I like to see where my feet are stepping and you couldn't see a thing because the seaweed was thick, and this time the jellyfish were green, which was a problem because of the seaweed, but thankfully noone got stung! While we were there we met a family on the beach, they had an 8 year old little boy named Enzo (love his name!), they had the biggest cat (Jasper)I've ever seen in a kennel on the beach, and they had a chocolate lab (Indy) running around with them and just loving the water. The lady, Sally, said they were touring the country, they are from Oregon and they put their stuff in storage and they are traveling wherever they decide to go, they have been traveling since June 7th I think she said... she is an artist so they are blessed with the flexibility and privilege to be doing what they are doing right now, she also makes jewelry, here is her website if you want to check it out!  http://sallyjean.com/   (You can also find the picture and link to her store on the right hand side of my page!)  I really enjoyed talking to her and her family and I pray that they have safe travels and a wonderful adventure! Here are some pictures from our day at the beach!

 Ama striking a pose!
 Abi took her straps off because her shoulders were getting sunburned... She LOVES the sand!
 A weird looking dead fish that washed up on shore.
Monday, the Fourth of July!! A few firsts happened on this day for us! We woke up and I made a big deal out of the holiday, the girls are still young and really don't know the significance, but they were excited, and we got dressed in our red, white and blue and prepared for a fun day. We had some amazing barbecue and ribs, and then the girls went swimming with their Aunt Sheila and Uncle Mitch (thank y'all by the way, they had so much fun with y'all!!). Abi has been fearless when it has came to the water, and I said earlier this summer she could swim if she wanted to, and she wanted to yesterday! Ama learned how to swim this summer and she can swim from one end of the pool to the other, and now Abi knows how to swim! Abi swims under water, and she kicks her little legs and goes, I am so proud of my girls! Ama, yesterday, learned how to do the back stroke... and another first for Ama, we went to watch the fireworks! Normally she would scream and yell and cry and we would have had to leave. But Mr. Ritchie brought some military headphones that were used for shooting, they helped a ton! It was alot fun because she actually enjoyed them and clapped.

 Abi swimming!!!

And finally, my husband... : )   Weston  for a while now has been wanting another tattoo... seriously he's addicted, this would be his 3rd tattoo and it hasn't even been a year since he has gotten his first. We have not had the money for him to get one, nor would we have money for one anytime soon, so he offered to work a 24 hour CQ shift for a guy and the guy paid him $100.00 to do it. So he had extra spending money for himself that he earned and he was getting a tattoo... for the past two days he has been asking and asking for me to go online and look at a certain tattoo. I went online and looked at it and was not a huge fan of it. So I told him for where he was wanting to get his tattoo at, maybe an arm band? He calls me this morning (and wakes me up) asking if I want to get on Skype and see his tattoo, I asked him what it was and he said a tribal deer head, immediately an image of some deer skull or something pops into my head, and I was getting mad, but when I got online and saw it, it wasn't anything like I thought it was. I snapped a picture of it while he was showing me and here it is!
His goal is to one day have a shoulder sleeve, and he said he can add different tribal pieces to it... he better keep volunteering to do 24 hour CQ shifts then!!

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July weekend!!

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  1. Hey Ash, Can't wait to chat! For the time being this will do. We have so much to catch up on. I really like the new tattoo and the girls are gettting soooo BIG!!! Miss you all!! Prayers, blessing, and love your way!!