July 6, 2011

Mid~Week Randoms : )

*Today was a really good day for me! Abi FINALLY made it a whole night in her own bed. Usually sometime early in the morning I find her crawling in bed with me, but today she didn't wake up until 8:30, and she woke up in her own bed, I got some really good sleep, I woke up feeling good and refreshed!! I even started the day with a little exercise...playing disc golf!

*Speaking of disc golf, I threw one of my new discs a couple of days ago from about 250 ft. and unbelievably made it in the basket!!! It was the prettiest throw I have thrown yet and unfortunately haven't been able to throw another throw that perfect again. But I'm practicing!!

*I'm still so excited that my little Abi boo is swimming!!! Abi has to watch home movies every day and today (besides Mickey Mouse movie) we watched the fourth of July movie and I saw all the video of her swimming. It amazes me how well she holds her breath. And Ama, not only can she swim from one side to the other of the pool, but her Grandpa taught her how to do the backstroke! They are getting so big!

*I'm really bummed about my video camera, I dropped it on Monday and cracked the lens... I still can't get over it, I love that video camera...

*Today the girls and I went over to the Cooper's house for a playdate, all three of us had a really good time. The girls get along really well with each other and love playing together, and I enjoy a friend to talk to! It felt really good to get out of the house today and be social.

*Speaking of friends... I miss my friends back in Indiana, a few of them have really been on my mind here lately and I NEED to call them. I'm getting excited about coming home to visit everyone, and hopefully have a girls night with some friends!!

That's all the randomness on my mind for now! I have been super blessed this week... God is so cool ; )

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