July 13, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

*The girls and I got a surprise in the mail this past weekend from my mom!! Thanks Mom!!

 Ama's new shirts!
Abi put her new outfit on as soon as she opened it! (The color looked perfect on her!)
And mine : ) I love the shirt on the right...

* The girls had a play date at the Cooper's again this week, my girls love playing with Ryleigh! Ryleigh has lots of babies and baby things and a big kitchen with lots of cooking and play food, so Abi really enjoys playing with all the toys! I am very thankful that God gave me a friend here!

* This past Saturday Ama had a morning tee ball game and as usual, I was in the dugout. I'm the one who keeps the batting order and I get the kids batting helmets on and make sure their  laces are tied, I find their hats and gloves and get them ready to go out on the field, I make sure they are constantly drinking something, especially in this heat! Well this last game, it was the last inning and Ama was being super whiny (not like her), normally she's talking with the other players and laughing, but she wanted me to hold her, she said she didn't want to play anymore and she was hot. Well I deserve the mother of the year award because I told her we were all hot and ready to go home and that she had to bat one last time and we were done. So I put  her helmet on, gave her her bat and sent her to home plate. She got her hit and rounded 2nd base and next thing I knew I was running out to her because she was leaning over and throwing up. I got out there and got her helmet off and she was so lethargic, she was pale, her eyes looked really weird, she was so weak, and she had water and spit just continuously coming out of her mouth. (It freaked me out a little). A dad that was on the field picked her up and took her to the shade and we got her something to drink and a little snack and they put ice packs down her shirt and soon after she started looking herself.  But it was an eye opening experience, and of course I felt awful for not recognizing that the heat was effecting her. I was trying to keep up with the batting order and keep the kids settled, and get kid's helmets on and ready to bat. It was very humid that day and I don't think I realized how much the heat can effect a kid just like an adult.

* I received the photo book that I made for Ama's tee-ball coach!! It is perfect and I'm excited about it. I took pictures at practices and games and made a photo book for him. The first page in the book is a thank you to him and I'm going to have all the kids on the team sign their names!

* We are getting super excited about heading to Indiana here really soon! Can't wait to see everyone : )  I still can't believe that my sister is turning 16! Crazy...

*Abi has to watch home movies EVERY single day, for a while it was only the video from Disney World, now it's Hanah's performance with Seeds Of Faith, the beach, VBS, and the 4th of July movie. Keeps her occupied for a good hour so I can get some things done, so I don't mind ;)  The only t.v. that she likes to watch is Dora, she loves Dora! But for the most part she still sticks close to me, doing whatever I'm doing. She prefers to clean the house and wash the dishes than play! I really have to watch her though because she happily does Ama's chores when Ama tells her to!

* My brain has been on overload here lately... all of my close friends have something big going on in their lives right now, and I am constantly thinking about them, some things really exciting, and some things heart breaking...

* A few of the women from Ama's tee ball practice yesterday thought that my father was my husband... and then another of the women thought that one of the other ladies husbands was my husband, only because he was the one who picked up Ama and ran her under the shade tree and was helping me with her... weird... But speaking of tee ball, here is her team picture : )

Have a great week!!!!

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