March 21, 2011

Another Beautiful Monday

I can not even begin to express what it felt like to not wake up this morning wondering if the post office was going to call me in. It was GREAT! I slept so good : ) I have a total of four days to get everything packed and get this apartment cleaned... it's finally setting in that I am MOVING... It started setting in on Saturday at work, because I knew it was my last day at work, and that little bit of panic started to creep in. I make 19.45/hr., giving that up can sound CrAzY!! But I knew I was doing the right thing. I am going to miss them up there, but am SO glad that I can finally stay home with my babies. I feel so blessed to have had that job and it helped us out financially in so many ways.

Sunday was my last Sunday at church while living here. Of course I plan on visiting quite often, so I will still see everyone periodically, but Harvestime has been my home church pretty much since I moved here in my 8th grade year. As of right now, (who knows what God has in store for us), we don't plan on moving back to Mt. Vernon. I find it exciting and scary to try out different churches, it will definitely be different! But I found myself several times holding back tears on Sunday during service. I will miss Harvestime so very much. I will miss all the amazing people that are like a second family to us, thank y'all so much for loving us, and for being such an amazing support system for us, we love y'all so much!

And today... God has given me another beautiful Monday. I feel His love so strong on me here lately. He has AMAZED me in what He has done in just the past few weeks. I know God is in control... but all of that is a whole blog post in itself, that maybe I will share sometime in the future ; )  As far as today, the girls and I are fixing to get ready to meet my friends at the nearby park for a play date. I'm excited to chit chat with my friends, and let the girls play with their friends, and hopefully burn a lot of energy so I can get a lot done today!

Before I end this post, I wanted to share a few additions to our "new home" that my family down there have worked hard on putting up for me and the girls! I hope your Monday is as beautiful as ours!

 Skeeter's outdoor dog kennel
 Ama and Abi's trampoline
Ama and Abi's bunk beds


  1. Yay!! It's getting close. Everything is going to be marvelous darling, just marvelous!! :)