August 22, 2011

Now that school is in session I am sad to see the weekends go... I am not a morning person, and the past few weeks have been rough getting up at 7am every morning, that may not be early to alot of you, but it sure is to me! But it also has been a very good thing for us. When Abi and I get home from taking Ama to school we start by cleaning and doing chores, which Abi loves to do! And then we find things to do, whether it's going to the park, or playing kitchen and babies, or jumping on the trampoline. I have actually had more energy starting my day earlier. Normally, I have a hard time getting anything done before lunch, it just takes me a while to get motivated. But we have found a schedule and it's working very well for us!

This weekend was alot of fun, Saturday I played in my first Disc Golf tournament. It was about an hours drive away, and it was a doubles tournament. I didn't know what to expect and I was a little nervous, until we got there, then I was really nervous! We got there and of course I was the only girl, and everyone was practicing and throwing their discs (which they were all good), and I was so nervous to get up there and throw my discs so I waited, but of course my Dad had to speak and say something so I had to go throw a couple (luckily they went in the direction they were supposed to!) We broke into our teams and I was on a team with my Dad and we broke up into groups and started on different holes, we were in a group with two brothers, they were pretty good and yes I was pretty intimidated, but I just made my mind up and told myself that these people have been playing for years, and me just weeks, and I just had fun. It was nice playing doubles because you got to play the best shot, which mostly was not my throw : )  So it really took the pressure of me and I just got to have fun, if I messed up or didn't make the basket, then the pressure was all on my Dad. We ended up 3 under par with a score of 69 and tying for second place. The brothers that we played with came in first place with a score of 62. It was alot of fun and I know some things that I need to be working on! Although I must say : )  I had several good shots in there! I was pretty proud of myself at the end of the day.

Sunday started out a little rough... I let Skeeter go out to go to the bathroom and there were some people working across the street and like always he ran over there to bark at them, except he didn't make it across the street. There was a truck driving about 45 mph and I watched Skeeter get hit and flip across the road, and before I could run to him he got up and came to me, he was hobbling and whining and peeing all over himself, he was shaking pretty badly and he looked terrified....and I had no clue what to do. I got him inside and he laid down and I just pet him and feeling his body to see if I felt anything unusual, he got hit on his right side and he had a little bloody spot on his back paw, and his front paw he wasn't putting pressure on, but after he calmed down a bit and stopped shaking I had him walking around the yard. I applied pressure to his hips and he seemed fine, so I put him in his kennel and went to Macon, Ga. with Amber and Dad... I'm horrible right : )  He really did seem fine to me, he's pretty lucky, he looked like he got smacked really hard, I watched the whole thing happen and my first thought was that he was dead, I'm still amazed that he's fine. I didn't get home till about 8 last night and I let him run around the yard, his hips were a little stiff looking at first but after he was out for a bit he was running full force and chasing cats and wanting to play. So I imagine he will be sore for a while, but he's no longer limping and he looks perfectly fine! Hopefully he stays away from that road now!

While on our trip to Macon, we went to the Bass Pro Shop and then to JoAnn Fabrics for me, I got some ribbon and hair clips and I plan on making some hairbows this week!! I'm pretty excited about it and I will have to post some pictures when I get them done! Hope everyone has a great week :))


By the way, I started a Facebook page for the disc golf tournament coming up in October here in Albany, GA. Check it out, and help me spread the word!!!/pages/Josh-Franklin-Memorial-At-Chehaw/275596935788292?sk=wall

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