March 6, 2011

Packing & Planning...

 Today I have been packing like crazy. Now that Ama's party is over, the only thing I am focused on now is getting ready for the big move. I have packed lots of boxes today!! My only problem is, I have a hard time picturing how all my stuff is going to fit. We are going to a pretty small space, and I am trying to get rid of things that we don't use or need anymore.
 This is the bathroom, it is actually bigger than what I am used to right now, and has way more closet space for towels.
 This is the hallway that leads down to the bathroom, play room and the girl's room. Check out that nice carpet ;)
 This is the kitchen, which again, is bigger than the one I use right now, and much more storage room than my kitchen now!
 This is an add on to the trailer, it will be my room, it has no door and is right off the kitchen, I plan on hanging up a curtain in the doorway.
 This is the laundry room, with a new energy efficient washer and dryer.
 This is an itty bitty bedroom that we will use as a playroom.

This is the other half of the kitchen, and there's the doorway that will lead to my room.
This is the back bedroom at the end of the hall, the girls will have bunkbeds, and this will be their room.
And this is the living room : )

So now : ) my brain is trying to figure out where all my stuff is going to fit!! I will have to use whatever creativity I have when I get down there... mom I will probably be calling you alot and sending pictures asking advice!!

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  1. Okay, Ash so this is the first time that I actually felt my heart break at the thought of you leaving us. I know that all of this has a purpose in God's greater plan for us all, but I will miss you more than you will ever know. You are the first person that I have EVER bonded with straight from hello.
    So now that I am sitting here sobbing I think I will bring this comment full circle with, I love you and will miss you so VERY VERY much. I can't wait until Friday when we can get all of our crazzzziness out!!